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Just a little bit about me! I am a father of twin boys and married to my best friend. My Husband's name is Clint and we have been together since 2001. Not only is he one of the nicest people I have ever met, he works hard and would do anything for our family. The twins, Hudson and Logan, are the loves of our lives and the absolute best thing that ever happened to us! Life has never been so sweet and fun. Hudson likes jumping, climbing, taking charge, and running around at the beach! Logan likes to dance, to be "funny," and to splash around in the pool! These two have LOTS of energy and fun. They both love to laugh and run! I cherish each moment I get with all three of these guys. I'm really lucky to have such a fun and amazing family! 


Interview published in THE NEW YORK TIMES (AUGUST 2018) - Click HERE