Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are FUN! They are also incredibly important. Being engaged is a time in your life that you are never going to want to forget. This session will also give us a little time to work together before the big day. An engagement session will document this amazing time in your life in a fun and creative way. Scheduling an engagement session gives you a chance to learn more about me and my style of shooting. A lot of people say they aren’t very comfortable being photographed, and it gives me the opportunity to show you how fun the whole process of creating incredible images can be. I will also be able to learn more about the two of you in a relaxed environment. During our time together, I will REQUIRE you to laugh, cuddle, kiss, tickle, and just enjoy being in love. Don’t worry about all the other stuff... I will take care of the rest! 


Engagement Sessions at a Location

Time Recommended: 2 hours
When: 1-2 hours before sunset

Where: I always recommend choosing a location that is meaningful to you. If you like and visit the beach often, let’s do the photos there! If you like the forest, that works too! I’ve done engagement sessions in the private of a couple’s own home, at restaurants, gardens… you name it and I'll do my best to make it work!


Studio Engagement Sessions

Time Recommended: 1 hour
Where: Studio

Studio sessions are so much fun! You will have your choice between a couple backdrops, but the fun part is posing (or I like to call it, directing) the two of you to look your best! The studio environment allows for full control of lighting to capture the best images possible.





It is important to choose a location that is meaningful to you. A place where you feel comfortable and a setting that fits you and your personality. Think of a place you like or would like to visit. Some ideas would be a nearby park, a downtown area, the beach, a lake, the forest, a barn, somewhere modern, or some type of rustic setting. After you have decided where you want to take the photos, make sure you dress in a way that complements your surroundings.


Scheduling and time is incredibly important when planning any photo session. I recommend scheduling an engagement session right after sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset. This is when the light is considered to be a little “better” in regard to natural light. This same time is also important on wedding day as it’s when the natural and available light will be its best for portraits of the two of you, group photos, wedding party photos, and ceremony photos.

More recommendations about timeline: Click Here



First of all, find something that is comfortable and that makes you feel good wearing it. Feeling good about what you are wearing will translate well into the photographs. Try to stay away from clothing that is too baggy or too tight. I recommend solid colors (but try to pick something other than the whitest white or the darkest black). Try to stay away from patterns or stripes. If you plan on wearing jewelry, be sure it is relatively small and simple so that it doesn’t overpower the photos. Feeling good about yourself (inside and out) is most important.